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Illegal stocking, or the intentional and unauthorized release of aquatic animals, is a major pathway of range expansion for nonnative fauna. In many cases these introductions are threatening native species and ruining existing sport fisheries. Even transplants and unauthorized stocking of native fish put whole ecosystems at risk from the introduction of hitchhiking aquatic nuisance species or potentially devastating diseases. Given all the environmental stressors we can't control, it's tragic that this seemingly preventable problem is so widespread.

Illegal stocking is a global phenomenon and yet there appears to be very little cooperation and collaboration among jurisdictions to find ways to stop it. This website was developed to draw attention to the magnitude and severity of the illegal stocking problem; educate stakeholders, agency personnel, and the legal system; and to serve as a clearinghouse and virtual meeting place for professionals worldwide interested in sharing ideas for curbing illegal stocking. The goal is to increase awareness of the issue and provide agencies with the will and the means to do a better job of preventing illegal stocking in the future.

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How big is the problem?

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Laws and Penalties

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The "Frankenstein" Effect

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Diseases & Invasives!

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Release of pet fish

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